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Mount Laurel, New Jersey 3 comments

I am upset with Pandora for not resolving my issue with my S clip charms.I originally purchased two in which one mysteriously fell off.I hadn't touched my bracelet.

My bracelet is completely full with Pandora charms.When I noticed that one of my clips was missing I went back and purchased the same S clip charm.The charm also mysteriously fell off. I do not *** my bracelet and I have a chain link which keeps the charms from falling off. I do not understand what happened and expressed my disappointment with Pandora through e-mail on 29 Aug.

2011 and to date have not received a response.

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A clip is a clap that opens and shuts.If it becomes loose or the bracelet is too full wherein the clip is being pressured from either side, this may encourage a clasp to pop open.

**** people.

You're alive, and you're doing well enough to afford pandora jewellery. Quit your complaining. I doubt that even with a receipt you would be able to get another one, or a replacement. Who would know whether you were lying or not?

I'd love to bring in receipts from stores and say I've lost something and for them to go "here you go!

Have another one free of charge!"

Yeah right people.Let's be realistic.


I have had the EXACT same problem with the exact same clips and after speaking to the snotty empolyees of pandora from my local pandora shop they could not help me bacuse i didnt have the reciept as since i have bought them i have moved house and have lost them. I do not think this is good enough and i feel for you.


I had the same problem with the same exact S clip.

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